BITCOIN GO UP = is correct, but still loses money 🤔
I’M UP 500% ON MY ORIGINAL ETHEREUM ENTRY = was right, but still loses money 🥴
Sound familiar? Why does this happen? Let’s dive into it 👇

Knowing the right thing is the easy part,
but DOING the right thing is the hard part.

You can be a technical analysis wizard (and if you’re not, PLEASE learn how to read charts and analyze price action first, without that you have failed before you’ve begun. anyone who says TA doesn’t work but is trying to sell you on their signals is a scammer, but I digress), but if you don’t have the right mindset, you won’t be profitable.
– be a robot
– think without emotions
– delay gratification
– fight greed and fear

You can have the most profitable strategy (pssst… there is no ONE holy grail strategy, anyone who says they have THE ONE AND ONLY 100% winning strategy and will sell it to you is a scammer, but I digress), but if you trade without a plan, you won’t be profitable
– manage your risk
– probability modeling
– predefined levels of loss
– have an exit plan

And THAT is why you can be right – as many are – but still not be profitable ‍🤷🏼‍♀️

THAT’S WHY you can be correct in your analysis, but still lose money. But hey, if this shakes the earth beneath you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! 🤯

It’s a damn good thing I teach both mindset and a systemized trading plan in Crypto Trading Mastery, along with sooo many other important topics and wisdoms. Setting my people up for success 👏 DAS WHAT I DOOO

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