Fractional Reserve Banking SCAM

My guy Godfrey Bloom said this in Parliament in 2012… and ain’t 💩 changed since. In fact – IT’S GOTTEN EVEN WORSE.

So many people don’t understand how the current banking system works. Even though its archaic AF and been around for centuries, it’s “normal” for the average person to walk around being a slave to money yet not knowing how money works. THAT’S SAD. Don’t simply accept ignorance just because everyone else is ignorant too. 🙅🏼‍♀️

Those that don’t know how the money game works will fail to win at it. Ever won at a game, match, or tournament that you DIDN’T know the rules of? This is why financial literacy is sooo important. And once you become financially literate, crypto literacy naturally comes next.

Everyone should know how money, banking, the economy, and the markets work. Get your FREE guide to financial and crypto literacy HERE. And if you join me in my flagship program, Crypto Trading Mastery, financial independence will follow 🤤👀

I wouldn’t be a full time trader, creating the reality I deserve and living life on my own terms if it wasn’t for my self-education around money. Cause lesbihonest… school don’t teach you these tricks. They may teach you how to survive (do they?), but not how to THRIVE.