@rian_mckay had me on his podcast show
@around_the_blockchain which has just been uploaded
and I’d like to share a snippet here with you today.

One of the popular “naysayer” opinions against paying for trading education or an online mentor in any regard these days is, “Don’t pay for that! Never pay for something you can learn for completely free! You can find all the information you need online without ever paying anybody!!! Read books and watch YouTube and follow this and this and this person on Twitter!”

It’s funny, because these naysayers act like most people have 10 hours a day to hit the library and sit there all day and read 20 books in a short time span just to learn something they want to start doing.

They think you can read a few books, watch a few free videos, RT a few Tweets and BAM you are a self-made trading guru! WOW! So well done! I guess that’s why 90% of traders out there succeed, right??? OH WAIT


I am a serial DIY-er. Ask my partner. I DIY things you
wouldn’t ever THINK of doing yourself.

I am a learning addict. I am an encyclopaedia of [useful & useless] knowledge. I know how to do so much sh*t. I’m GOOD at so many things that I self-taught and learned for free. I LOOOVE figuring it out on my own. But guess what?

YOU CANNOT MAKE YOUR OWN COCKTAIL TRADING STRATEGY RECIPE BASED OFF 100 RANDOM TRADING THINGS YOU FOUND ONLINE! What beginners don’t see yet is the TIME it will cost to take this piece-meal route AND the money you think you’re saving.

Better to learn and get mentorship and support from someone who’s already successfully doing it and avoid all the costly mistakes they know you will make. THAT is worth whatever money you might save on DIY-ing it!


Really enjoyed this interview! Majority of the questions Rian asked me, I had never been asked before, so I loved being able to share my thoughts and opinions on these topics.