AYE!!! Remember what I said? Say it with me: 2021 was the takedown, 2022 WE TAKING OVERRRRR 🔥☄️🙌

“Trading Expert Hillorie Le’s Grounded and Practical Approach to Cryptocurrency a “Breath of Fresh Air” in a Male-Dominant Industry” – an article I was featured in recently 🥰

Now hey, I love the guys just as much as I love the ladies! No special treatment or misogyny here 🤣 BUT YOU HAVE GOTTA ADMIT that the industry is polluted with loud, aggressive, obnoxious, Alpha-wannabe males. IT IS. AND YOU KNOW IT. We don’t need more guys screaming prices at us. We don’t need more guys telling us to SMASH BUY and APE IN at all time highs 🙅‍♀️. We don’t need guys that get paid $20,000 per YouTube shill or tweet. How often will you hear a mentor that can teach you how to profit with crypto actually say something GROUNDED and not overhyped, overinflated, and downright FAKE? Let it be me….. 🤩

As the FIRST ☝️ female crypto trading teacher and course creator in this male-dominant industry, I want to bring more women in the crypto, trading, and finance space. I want to see more women at the top, more moms and wives as breadwinners of the family, AND MORE FINANCIALLY FREE AND INDEPENDENT BOSS BABES 🔥🚒

But men, males, guys… you’re welcome too ☺️ I got tons of room over on this life raft and tons of guys already on it! 👫

Scroll through 👉 for some snippets of my favourite parts of the article!

If you want to read the full piece, Google “Hillorie Le AMERICAN REPORTER” or click this link in your browser 👉 https://www.theamericanreporter.com/trading-expert-hillorie-les-grounded-and-practical-approach-to-cryptocurrency-a-breath-of-fresh-air-in-a-male-dominant-industry/

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