When TGIF goes from “Thank God It’s Friday” and turns into “Thank God I’m FREE” 🤩

The masses have a misconception about what trading really is like – no thanks to clickbait YouTube videos, flashy & tacky trading instagram accounts full of supercars, penthouses, and bikini babes on yachts, and “here in my garage” type a$$h0les 😆. Ok, BUT REALLY? It’s not about making $1 Million in one trade and retiring forever. It’s not about taking your laptop to the pool bar and entering $10,000 trades. It’s not even about bringing your laptop to the beach and monitoring your 6-7 figure portfolio. THIS IS ALL LIES, MARKETED TO THE DESPERATE & NAIVE SOULS INFATUATED WITH MONEY. 👎

In reality, it’s a long game. Sure, we initially start trading to make money, whether thats’s some extra money on the side, some passive income, or some money to get that nice thing we want that our regular paycheck can’t buy. Money is the beginner’s goal. But AFTER THAT? ❓ Once you’ve put your head down in hard work, and you’ve come out the other side with results, consistency, and profitability…. once you’ve replaced your ENTIRE paycheck, your ENTIRE yearly salary, and started building your stack of wealth? WE DO THIS FOR FREEDOM. To live life on our OWN terms. Without boundaries. To build a life of our own mind’s creation.

Financial freedom and independance isn’t a one-and-done transaction. THAT’S WHERE THE BOOMERS GOT IT WRONG. And THAT is why we are witnessing the LARGEST Global Wealth Transfer to ever occur. The Boomers’ wealth is depreciating dramatically against the younger wealth that’s being accumulated in this space. A lot of people in the old world don’t want to do the work. They are already successful. This is the massive wealth transfer. 🔄

Do the work. Learn how to start trading for money, so that you can stop trading your time for a paycheck. THEN, keep trading so you can continue to be free.

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