When I retired from the 9-5 to trade full-time, I had 9 sources of income! Well, 8 after my last day of work 😂 Did you know that millionaires have a minimum of 7 streams of income? The reality for most people is they are just 3 months away from homelessness 🤯 This is cause for of a lot of pressure, hopelessness, and stress – understandably. The key is to always set yourself up with multiple sources of income.

Even when it comes to trading. (ESPECIALLY when it comes to trading!!!) ✅ With trading you’re not always going to have a super active month… you’ll also have months where there’s much trading to do at all.

There’s not always going to be setups or entries or opportunities to trade, just based off the price action and how our strategies work. You should not be trading everyday. And as a trader you should not even be trading multiple times a day. If in one week or one month, there aren’t any trades to take, DON’T TAKE ANY. We don’t force trades, because that’s how you skew your winning edge and probabilities AGAINST you.

People tell me they want to learn how to make crypto trading work for them, but they can’t because [insert time / task / responsibility limitation here]. That’s the lie you tell yourself to keep yourself comfortably miserable. I learned and got good at trading WHILE working my full time 40-hours-a-week corporate job AND managing 8 other sources of income! What’s your excuse? (Kidding, I don’t wanna hear your excuse 🙅‍♀️) Smart traders don’t trade everyday. And we don’t trade non-stop throughout the day either. What those fake traders flexing on social media tell you is false to make them seem cooler and more glamorous than they really are.

So are you going to let a made up excuse hold you back from another source of income, keeping you depressed and anxious? Or are you going to take back control of your life and finances, and level up with a life-long skill this year?

How many streams of income do you have? 👇 Are you close to the magic Millionaire 7?