Get Rich Quick = Stay Poor Forever. womp womp woommmp. There is no such thing as an “easy money system strategy”, no matter how many different guru’s ads pop up before your YouTube videos 😂 Here’s a quick list of why chasing get rich quick schemes keeps you poor forever 👇🏼

💥 Putting all your money on obsure investments thinking they will 100x or 10,000x with no work. Obscure, “undervalued” projects and investments = not a high chance of making it in the real world market. So you end up losing the life savings you threw at this

💥 Constantly buying lottery tickets, thinking YOU will be that 1 in 300,000,000 chance winner. Those are some slim a$$ odds… now you’ve just wasted money

💥 Those chasing get rich quick are the ones that are the MOST susceptible to getting scammed, and they often get scammed MULTIPLE times in their life, falling for the SAME fake opportunities! The naive mind and the opportunistic scam artist are brought together – they don’t exist without each other

💥 Fighting tooth and nail to hit that one big $10,000 profit home-run trade, which is not only highly stressful but also unsustainable. Read it again – IT’S NOT SUSTAINABLE! So you keep revenge trading or all-or-nothing it in the markets… instead of going slow and steady – now you’ve lost all your chips

🌠 I trade and teach a system that is 1. REPEATABLE 2. SCALABLE 3. SUSTAINABLE. Wow look at that… words you rarely hear uttered out of other trading educators’ mouths 😂 Focus on becoming THE BEST trader you can be first and foremost… aim for consistent profitability. You will beat out the sucker chasing that 5-figure home-run trade. Not only are their chances THIN AS HECK of achieving that, but they’re also bleeding massive amounts of money doing stupid sh*t just trying to chase that big win!

Crypto isn’t a get rich quick scheme. Crypto Trading Mastery is not a quick fix with fast promised results. I’m setting my students up to achieve consistent success long-term. I’m damn grateful and blessed that the universe connected me with such a determined, motivated, and inspired bunch of souls. Those who understand it’s a PROCESS, not a blindfold gamble 🙏🏼