Guarantees in trading? Guaranteeing your success as a trader? NO ONE AND NO THING CAN DO THIS FOR YOU ⚠️

People with fantasies in trading are quick to ask things like “how many hours a day do I need to put into this?”…

OR say “I wanna make a million dollars in 12 months. I have $2000 to start investing. Is that enough? And I only have 1 hour a day to put into this. Is this what you teach?”

WHAT THE WAAAT? 😲 soooo YOU wanna make a million big ones (just like everyone else) but you’re ONLY willing to put in 1 HOUR PER DAY?!?! 😨 WHAT MAKES YOU SO SPECIAL?!?! why on earth do you deserve this more than anyone else who also wants that same result??? Coming in with that attitude and mindset, YOU DON’T DESERVE A MILLION DOLLARS (or even $1000 dollars!) 🙅🏼‍♀️

👊🏼 FOR EVERY SINGLE OUTPUT, THERE NEEDS TO BE AN EQUAL INPUT. What are you putting in to deserve the output? Because people who deserve things, they’re the ones that are gonna get it.

Instead of following fake gurus, fake traders, flexors, IG marketers and scammers online and falling for the notion that they can GUARANTEE your success in trading as if it’s some 🌠magic number of time🌠 you have to put in per day, or some 🌠perfect amount of capital🌠 you need to start with… you need to lay those fantasies to REST ⚰️ and understand that the person that is going to reach their goals is the person who manages their expectations. The person that DESERVES to reach their goals puts in the required INPUTS to get the desired OUTPUTS.

What are your expectations? I learned and got good at trading WHILE working a full time corporate accounting job. But I was very focused and committed, putting in a lot of work until I got good enough where I was able to escape the 9-5 and retire from the rat race in under 3 years. Are your efforts aligned with your goals in trading?

You gotta put in the work until INCOME becomes the OUTCOME. 🎯 Nothing less will do.