Don’t force trades, don’t revenge trade, don’t execute straddle trades… Release all attachments to the markets and let go of any expectations and biases 🕊. Observe quietly as the market breathes freely 👁. Allow the oscillation of the markets to flow and present itself and show you its hands 🤲. Let the optimal entry prices COME to you 🧘🏼‍♀️.

If you want to go for a swim and get some colour at the beach… do you force it on a day that’s cold and cloudy? Do you demand to go to the beach that day anyway, flinching when the freezing water pierces your skin and bones? Then going home pale and grumpy? 😤 Or do you wait for another day when the weather is sunny and balmy so that you can enjoy a comfortable swim and go home with a nice tan? 🤔

Stop forcing things… let them COME TO YOU.🪬

Also remember… CASH IS A POSITION TOO. 💯 Why force your valuable capital to be held up in losing trades? Why force your money to be tied up in investments doing nothing? Not every dollar needs to be utilized at all times in the market. A Master Trader always has CASH FOR THE CRASH. You need to have free capital if you want to pick up basement bargains.