UH OH 🙀 – people bout to get BIG mad because I’m BIG fnckin’ up their BIG American Dream of getting rich quick while being lazy with ZERO SKILLS and NO EFFORT 😂

👊🏼 Trading goals are great and all but you can’t pull numbers out of your ass. 2X, 5X, 10X? 6 figures trading profits by end of year and quitting your job? NONE OF THESE COME TO YOU just because you said you want it. It’s not even about having a strong WHY. (omg the people are shaking in their botas right now 😂)

👊🏼 It’s about becoming the person that deserves it. AND HOW DO YOU DESERVE IT? By putting in the DAMN WORK. Embody a profitable, consistent, 6-7 figure account trader. What do they do? They focus on being a 🌟GOOD TRADER🌟 first and foremost. Profits will come naturally as a side effect.

👊🏼 HOW DO YOU BECOME A GOOD TRADER? Backtesting. Analyzing. Studying. Deprograming. Unf*cking. Practicing Stoicism. Sleeping right. Eating right. ALL THESE THINGS AND MORE!

👊🏼 Being a good trader does not happen overnight, nor does it necessarily happen in 10 months. It COULD though! Just like making a million dollars trading off one 💩coin – Is it possible? Sure…. but it’s not very likely. Remember my words – Trading is simple, but it’s not easy. It’s the hardest way to make quick money. 🔊

👊🏼 So it’s not that your goals are unrealistic and out of reach, it’s that you’re not being honest with yourself with what is required of you to reach these goals. You need to become the person that not just wants it, but also deserves it.