This is SO DAMN UNETHICAL!!! It’s true, we all start somewhere. But certain people have NO BUSINESS trying to teach others how to trade if they 1. only started trading 1 year ago, or 2. made big profits from buying BTC between 2011 and 2015 and just held! These types don’t know what successful or consistent trading is yet!

It is SO WRONG for them to be charging people and saying they’ll teach you how to make it in this arena! They do not have experience to provide the mentorship, guidance, or support that beginner traders need. They have not taken the necessary time to build and grow their trading empire. No one that profited strictly from HODLing or that started trading only last year can honestly say they have enough knowledge, wisdom, experience, or expertise in the markets – especially after ONE YEAR, WHERE IN THIS CASE, last year was a massive bull rip in 2021 🤣 You havent done, learned or proved 💩. As Archie said in Riverdale, “That means you haven’t known the triumphs and defeats, the epic highs and lows of high school football.” HAHAHA 😂

Now if you’re reading this and want to start learning from someone who’s BEEN successfully trading for 8 years, knows her way in the forex and crypto markets, knows how to swing trade and day trade, knows how to leverage and spot trade, all profitably, was able quit her job in 2016 thanks to her success in trading and now teaches how to do exactly what she does to over 900 students across more than 80 countries …. Hello it meee 👋🖐👋🖐👋 click the link here for all the resources if you want to learn from me and with me 🥰