SAVE THIS POST FOR YOUR GOALS 🏆 Put it on your vision board. Then put your head down and work hard with focus, commitment, and determination for the rest of the year. Revisit this post on December 31, 2022 and see how you measured up 😛

Quitting jobs and hitting 6 figures of trading profits in a year… this is my mission for my Masters 😍

Fck it, save this post and HOLD *ME* ACCOUNTABLE. Last year I said in 2021, cvnts were gonna go down. They were gonna get exposed and revealed. The universe was going to repay them with the garbage vibrations they put out. WELL INDEED IT HAPPENED. Put your intentions out there. I just did. 2021 was the take down, 2022 IS THE TAKEOVER.

I wish there was something cooler and not so lame-sounding as the saying “watch this space”… but I don’t know if any… so uhhmmmm… WATCH THIS SPACE 👀. 2022 is gonna be hardcore. Coming in strong and going at it hard. NO HOLDSIE BACKSIES.

Crypto Trading Mastery this year is gonna be full of aggressive ambition (in the kindest, most authentic and most chill way 😂) It was tapered and quieted down in 2021 because I was hard at work and at war fighting off slimy muppets. But the mutts and the clowns are gone now, shriveled up, fallen over, curled up in a ball, and rotting away. Ohhhh yes I love that my fire is back. I’m not aggressive or violent irl, I just have very loud self talk voices in my head egging me on all the time 😛 The voices on my shoulders always want the smoke 🤣

Ok enough blabbering – let’s make sh!t happen together this year!!! Who’s with me 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️