Only empowered souls will like this post. ❤️👆 Disempowered individuals will get angry seeing it 😂

Imagine working your whole life, putting in the blood, sweat, tears, and love to build from the ground up… and other people have the audacity to expect things for free? 🤔 In the end, we can only truly depend on ourselves. THAT’S WHY it’s important to take responsibility and accountability for your own life. You should be very careful when you traverse through the world with untold levels of entitlement. Don’t play the entitlement game because you can’t trust that there will always be someone out there that feels bad for you. When no one is left feeling bad for you, then what? Then you’re SOL mate.

We are each responsible for crafting our own experience and evolution journey. You are not entitled to someone else’s successes or “good experiences” just because you don’t have it and they do. Of course it is human nature to help others and community is rooted in supporting one another, especially for those that *physically can’t* or need assistance, but for the general population, you cannot rely on others because there is no enforceable contract that someone else out there HAS to help you.

Those who haven’t crafted their own experience with vigor will say “whatever you do, you need to make it a good time for me, because you already have good times, a good experience – you have all this stuff, so you owe it to me to make my experience better”

This is theft.

(Far left about to cancel me for this 😆)