Do you think you need one more strategy to use, one more indicator on your charts, one more timeframe to analyze, or one more definition memorized before you feel ready?

It’s time to get real and face the truth: You’re being your own goddang bottleneck. If you already have these 3 things, then you do not need “one more thing” – not even more knowledge at this exact moment.

You just need to fight your analysis paralysis, accept being comfortable with discomfort, and enter a trade when you see the criteria and confluence.

🔥 Remember: you can’t bank profits from trading if you never take any trades 😛

Even the person who’s financially disempowered and infatuated with a home-run to riches needs to actually go out there and buy a lottery ticket 🤔

Don’t hesitate to execute what is mechanically easy by making it emotionally difficult.