Pt2 Why shuld you buy, invest in, or trade crypto? BECAUSE IT’S OUR FUTURE!

When the world discovers a new technological advancement, it never reverts back to the old ways. When there is a newer, faster, cheaper, stronger, smarter player in town, why would you want to remain where you were?

Cryptocurrency, blockchain, smart contracts, and Bitcoin have made way too much progress and noise in the world for it all to just disappear. Huge corporations have invested way too much money in these cryptos and technologies to just let it all fade away. It has all become too big to ignore now.

Mark my words, crypto is here to stay.

The world landscape is going to look very different in 3, 5, and 10 years.

The world is never going back to pre-covid and pre-stimulus days. The economy has been broken and the monetary system has been in desarate need of a reform. All this global pandemic has done is fast forward crypto adoption.

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