PS-FUK’N-A. 👉SWIPE👉 DO NOTTTT buy ANY Bitcoin or invest in crypto AT ALL if (!!!)
❎ if you still believe working hard for the rest of your life will make you happy, rich, and financially free and retiring at 70 makes perfect sense to you
❎ if you don’t think the internet will be around much longer
❎ if you LOVE the way governments and central banks just print money out of thin air
❎ if you also love being silently robbed with 2% target annual inflation
❎ if you have the FUND$ to buy multiple houses to flip for gains or rent out for cash flow. You are already loaded, who needs crypto???
❎ if you think monthly bank fees, transaction fees, and wire send/receive fees are fair and justified
❎ if you enjoy knowing that the government can decide to confiscate your money at any time
❎ if you’re like Elon or Jeff – a CEO os a successful company, or you already own a very lucrative business
❎ if you were able to outperform the entire US stock market (264%) or the entire crypto market in the past 10 years (21,367%).

If you mark any of these off, CRYPTO AIN’T FOR YOU HOMBRE!!! STAY AWAY!!! Keep doing what you were doing, return to your regularly scheduled programming… there is nothing to see here 🙃🙃🙃

But hey, if you’re a smart cookie and I made you chuckle a bit while scrolling through these slides (that I spent a little too long making 😂) and you’re NOT already invested in crypto or actively trading it, come on over I’ll get you proper sorted! 😁

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