FIAT IS TRASH!!! 🚮 Posting this just in time (again lmao) as The Fed and Congress are about to send out the THIRD ROUND of stimulus checks. $1,200 in April 2020, $600 in December 2020, another $1,400 this month? 🤔 All part of Biden’s beautiful $1.9 TRILLION plan 🤣🤣🤣 Guys I have been talking about this for YEARS. Who do you think ends up paying all this made up money back? Once they create it, they deem ownership of it. So even though no one had to put in work to create or print it, they DO EXPECT you to pay THEM back for it 🙄🙈

Central banks around the world have the magic ability to print endless amounts of money out of thin air. All on the backs of the everyday citizen’s hard work. Stop allowing yourself to get played… Bitcoin is the solution! The longer you wait, the more your savings and cash value disintegrates. Why do you think the wealthy store their riches in ASSETS like stocks, real estate, and gold instead of keeping suitcases of cold hard cash? It’s because they don’t lose value each year… Hey… do me and you a favour… open up a browser tab and type in “central bank of [your country] inflation target”. 👇

Comment below what your country’s inflation rate is… and let me know how much interest your bank’s saving account gives ya per year 😉😁

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