Yes, I answer my messages and DM’s 😅 it’s crazy to me that so many of you don’t think I wouldn’t reply, so you don’t even bother asking me what you wanna ask! ‍😥

❗I do not reply to messages that only say “hey”, “hi” “how are you doing”. This is what scammers do so anyone sending me this will automatically get blocked. I will not reply to questions that can be easily answered on Google OR are covered in my free course. So search google and sign up to my free course before you ask lol⚠️

My inbox is open for any questions about crypto, trading, me, or my course.. random sh*t… mindset.. business.. travel… moving/living aborad.. finances… mortgage and investments.. memes… hahaha yes I will answer literally to anything 🤣

I don’t understand why there are so-called coaches and mentors out there NOT answering people, whether you’re a full-paying student or not 🤔 I am totally for people having their questions and messages answered. At least that’s how it works with me. 🤷‍♀️ (As long as you aren’t a scammer or spammer – DO NOT message me with “hey”, “hello”, “hi”, and nothing else. You will be blocked lol 🚫)

If you have any questions: don’t fear, ask away, and I’ll meet you in the inbox!

Sure this may change in the future if/when I receive more message requests than I can handle, but for now… we goosey 😎