LOL @ the constantly repeating patterns of human behavior.


Imagine being up $350k to being negative $39k in a turnaround time of 48 hours, all in the same one trade 🤯 (these are real numbers a student shared with me about her friend’s recent trade!)

Toxic hodl mentality. Toxic greed has got people marrying their garbage in hopes of becoming filthy rich if they just hold on a little longer. There is a time and place for hodl…. there is a separate portfolio allocation for hodls… do not mix this with your shitcoin trades that are meant to be for quick in-and-outs.

People don’t understand (or do they forget?) that the reason they got into trading in the first place was to MAKE MONEY.

Seems like these diamonds be cutting your hands 😂😂😂 #ouufffthatspoetic

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