Should you be leverage trading in crypto? Hmmm 🤔 SWIPE THROUGH to see my thoughts on it! 👉

Sometimes I just want to shake these greedy mofos! So ridiculous the crap they push on others. Clearly, these idiots DON’T UNDERSTAND:
1) risk management principles
2) margin math (if you don’t understand the math, don’t touch the leverage)
3) capital destruction laws

IN ADDITION to all I included in the carousel above, beginners have NO BUSINESS touching leveraged crypto derivative products. Until you have mastered trading the crypto spot market, DON’T GO THERE 🙅🏼‍♀️

It is also ILLEGAL to trade CFDs in America. Since that is a large student base of mine, I have a duty as a leader, authority, and educator in this space to NOT be selling an education product that encourages Americans to break or circumvent their local securities laws.

For those reasons, trading derivative and leveraged crypto products are NOT taught in Crypto Trading Mastery. It will be taught in a separate course for those who are more advanced and will not be open to those that live in regions where CFD trading is prohibited. But you need to master trading and profiting in the spot market FIRST, which is what my flagship program will teach you.

Utilizing leverage is taking on unnecessary risk os loss when crypto is willing to provide you with double digit profits a day alone. 🤑

Don’t be greedy. 🙈