Aren’t you tired of feeling like you’re not where you should be at this point in life? 😥 In generations past, they had real estate, stocks, brick & mortar as their catapult into wealth and riches… but us? After The GFC and now this global pandemic, don’t you want to finally do that thing that’s going to get you ahead of your generation, and out of this disgusting monetary system and economic disaster?

These are 5 stages of adoption:

The Innovators (2.5%)
The Early Adopters (13.5%)
The Early Majority (34%)
The Late Majority (34%)
The Laggards (16%)
Don’t be late to the party! We are still in the Early Adopter phase.

There’s 42 million Bitcoin wallets in existence. 5% of Americans own Bitcoin. Less than 0.56% of the world owns Bitcoin currently. What if that number goes to 2%?

Institutional investors are starting to invest in the crypto space in massive amounts. Where could this all go in a few years?

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Nothing to lose, and everything to gain … remember… LESS THAN 0.56% OF THE WORLD OWNS ANY!!! Watch when that number gets to 2% 👀👀👀 We gon be Making Waaaves 🌊🌊🌊