Wtf is this? ITS ME SHOWING THAT A 199.30% ROI ON BITCOIN AND 339.39% ROI ON ETHEREUM IS EASIER THAN YOU THINK! It doesn’t require massive amounts of cash either – you can achieve this with $25 a month, $50 a month, $100 a month whatever you’re comfortable with investing and whatever you can afford to lose (NOT your rent money, NOT your grocery money).

Theres a lot of fluff AND bullsh*t out there about crypto, polarized on both sides of extremes. You either see “WOW I’m a trading god, I made 500% ROI last week, invest with me, guaranteed payout of 2% daily or $1,000 weekly” 👈👈👈 SCAM.
OR you see sh*t like “Bitcoin is a fraud, cryptos are a scam, cryptocurrencies are all going to 0, the only way to make money is to throw $100,000 at it and pray. You’re stupid to invest and you deserve to lose all your money if you do” 👈👈👈 MISINFORMED, UNEDUCATED, AND BROKE.

This chart selfie of me was grabbed from an actual video lesson inside my full course explaining how to do this investing life hack that even a 5 year old can do on their iPad 😂 It will take you 10 minutes a month MAX, I promise. Would you like to see a FREE 9-minute snippet? My mid-August gift to you 🎁 This stuff is so super simple that most people either
1) don’t believe it works
2) misunderstand it
3) ignore it and dont do it

Hint: it’s what the pros do, it’s what the rich do, it’s what Warren Buffet does.