The oldest business tale of time… BUY LOW, SELL HIGH. Yet the majority of market participants press the GREEN button when prices are way too high and about to turn around, and they press the RED button when prices are low and about to bottom out and reverse. Aka majority don’t quite seem to know how to Buy Low or Sell High 🥹

You make money when you ENTER a trade, not when you exit it. For long-term success, make sure you enter at the optimal levels with the prime setups, because THESE are your golden opportunities.
🧠The lower you enter, the more you stand to make.
🧠The lower you enter, the more room price is able to move up and take you along for the ride.
🧠The cheaper you buy, the more you can sit back and chill as the market does its thing.
🧠The cheaper you click on GREEN, the smaller the price movement is required for your gains to multiply

When your barber, your Uber driver, your barista, content creators you follow (that aren’t in the finance niche), Tom Brady, Matt Damon, or Tai Lopez all start talking about it – IT’S ALREADY TOO LATE TO BUY. The best time is when everyone is too scared to invest, don’t have any money to invest, OR when no one is talking about it.