Our brains love seeking comfort and familiarity, so if you normally operate at a level of stress, busy-ness, anxiety, fear, chaos, and unease – your mind will find a way to recreate that environment in the markets, then match it and reflect it in your trading 😳🙅🏼‍♀️

Humans seek balance physiologically, mentally and emotionally. Whatever your “normal” state of being is in life off-screen, you will operate accordingly.

Our minds prefer safety and familiarity – EVEN IF what’s familiar to us is being MISERABLE!!! 😖 Our emotions and thoughts seek to keep us safe. They don’t always serve our ambitions, goals, dreams, and desires.

😩So if you’re normally a frustrated person, you will find a way to create frustration in the charts and markets.
😩If you traverse through life feeling the world is out to get you, you will materialize ways for the markets to “get you”.
😩And if you normally feel inferior and like you’re not good enough – you too will find a way to create inferiority in your trading…
Whether that’s not sticking to your trading plan, overexposing your risk, overleveraging a position, or even taking profits to early or too late… You will do all of these because that is your comfortable state of being being mirrored back at you, even if it’s self-sabotaging 😮‍💨

It doesn’t matter if familiar is bad, unprofitable or destructive. Familiar will be replicated in the markets for us!

This is your sign to be more cognizant and mindful of your natural state. Are you normally anxious, frustrated, doubtful, and chaotic? Or are you normally relaxed, calm, present, and intentional? What changes are you going to mindfully make to your normal state so you can succeed in the market with low resistance? LET ME KNOW!!! 👇💭