If you want to stay safe (which you should), then avoid these 4 DANGER ZONES in the crypto space!

Tons of fakes and scammers in this space and the current world events didn’t help the matter either! Of course, there will always be fraudsters and thieves in the world – we will never be rid of them and that’s just life. BUT there is something YOU can do to protect yourself and your hard earned money!

The injustices irk me, ESPECIALLY in the crypto space as they are giving crypto a bad rep, and making honest people that are trying to genuinely help look bad, too. But at the same time, this all drives me to keep doing what I do, serving up that value, proving that REALNESS DOES EXIST in the crypto space, and being spicy AF about exposing these morons.

🤥Never invest your money with a stranger or any website, no matter how legit they look.

🤥There is no such thing as guaranteed payouts or ROIs. No one can promise you absolute dollar values weekly or monthly. SCAM. If you fall for this, you are being lazy and think you can get the world for nothing 🤨

🤥 Trading Signals don’t work, most are scams, and they won’t make you rich. There is actually an entire underground world to signal services. It’s WAY deeper than just someone sending crappy signals. It’s a DIRTY GAME being played by the signal providers! I will expose this in the coming weeks. You will be mind blown 🤯

🤥 Trading Bots also don’t work. Why is it in my 7 years of trading and knowing multi millionaire traders, that NOT A SINGLE one of them got to where they are thanks to a trading bot subscription? It doesn’t exist. You have a fantasy.

STAY SAFE. Always learn how to invest your own money! If you don’t want to learn, THEN DON’T INVEST! SIMPLE AS THAT!