DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE 3 TYPES OF INFLATION??? 💹 So obviously we all know about inflation and hyperinflation which has to do with the cost of goods and services increasing over time…

But there are also 2 other types of inflation, commonly referred to as “shrinkflation”, and I know you’ve ALL experienced and witnessed these with your purchases over time 👀

One type of shrinkflation is when the QUANTITY DECREASES for the same purchase price – bag of Doritos costs the same yet contains less chips and more air, anyone? 😂

The second type is when the ingredients or service QUALITY DECREASES for the same purchase price – filler ingredients, toxic chemicals, fake or imitation versions of the original formula, even injecting foods with water or air to make them fluff up and look the same size as before, etc.

INFLATION is dat b*tch you gotta watch out for, silently robbing you since 1913 😆

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