a JOB, commonly known as “Just Over Broke”. You and I may have fallen for this scam early on, but the major key is in the change you make to NOT be a victim of this scam for the rest of your life.

Your paychecks, savings, and wealth from your JOB are being eroded every cotdayum DAY due to inflation and endless money printing. Omg don’t even get me started on how they pose inflation as a GOOD thing to boost consumerism 😳 I’ll get into that debacle another day…

Forget quantitative easing, fractional reserve banking, monetary and fiscal policy, and printing money into oblivion… if you don’t understand any of that, you should understand this: 🌠FV TABLES🌠. Who took finance in school, ever? Any finance class. You would have learned about FUTURE VALUE TABLES. Why do FV tables exist? Because a $1 today is worth less tomorrow… and in the future… and in the future.. and in the future. Your dollar today gets amortized DOWN by the amount of periods (years) in the future it goes. Okay that was really nerdy finance / accounting talk from me 😅

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