❗What you THINK you need to be a successful trader VS what you ACTUALLY need to be a successful trader❗

👉A Trading PLAN
“When abc happens, do xyz”

👉An understanding of price action
Learn the language of the charts (technical analysis) and understand the market’s breathing cycle

👉A systematic trading process
Your approach and strategy should be entirely systemized.
No room for opinions
No room for subjectivity
You need to be a robot

All successful and profitable traders have a systemized approach to their trading AND a trading criteria checklist before entering any trade.

As a beginner, you CANNOT go off making your own trade hypothesis – you can’t even tell a left shoe from a right shoe in the charts yet! You have NO idea what is going on in the market, how can you trust yourself to make the correct trading decision?

Successful, profitable, and millionaire traders dont listen to their feelings, their heart, or their opinions. We trade what we see, not what we think.

So, go find a system. Find a mentor or a coach and use their system. Or pay for a system. Whatever you do, you need a proven SYSTEM before you blow all your hard earned money away 💸

Crypto Trading Mastery has you covered with a Systemized Trading Process proven to help you break consistency faster. 👊👊👊