I think this pandemic was a real wake up call to a lot of people. It has taught people all over the world the importance of having multiple sources of income and that job security does not exist. Having a job doesn’t mean jackshit when your business is forced to shut down, when your employer can’t schedule you to come in, and when you can’t apply for other jobs. I’ve been yelling this at the top of my lungs for years. I’m glad it is finally dawning on people, even if it took shitty circumstances for it to be clear.

The world is moving online. Everything is done online. If you think internet has already overtaken the world as we once knew it, you’ve seen nothing yet. People are making money online. People used to laugh at digital influencers (bloggers, vloggers, grammers, etc) and now everyone is searching up how to be one. I used to teach English online to kids in China and “”real teachers”” would say “”that’s not a real job!’… Well those exact suckers have been applying to every online English teaching platform during quarantine 🤣

The world is going more digital than you could ever imagine. I know, because I got my nose all up behind the scenes in this cryptocurrency madness. There’s so many ways to secure your wealth by using methods online, and I honestly believe digital money is going to take OVERRR sooner than you know it. Now is the time to learn! We’re all doing jackshit at home! Bored! Jobless! All Netflix-ed out! Unemployed! Why don’t you use this time to get ahead of your peers… I know thats what I would do cause I don’t wanna be a sucker!

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