Which of these does YOUR head in? 不不不 This meme inspired by my Mini Lesson / Rant last night and Antonio at @cryptomaniaks post right after. If this meme isn’t making you die of laughter, I invite you to watch the stories highlight on my feed named “1% PROFIT SUCKS” for some insight on these crypto trading frauds 云

The market is willing to give you amazing profit opportunities, but that’s ONLY IF you know what you’re doing in order to extract them.

A lot of these crypto influencers (cause that’s what they are – they aren’t traders, they are MARKETERS) don’t know how to trade and they don’t know wtf they are doing in the markets. Aiming for 0.5% to 1% market movement per trade is a surefire way to WRECK yourself and your entire capital. It proves to me you don’t have a clue about market structures, market mechanics, and market breathing cycles. We’re over here trading stress-free sitting pretty with double digit percentage profits minimum. Yup. That’s what we do at Crypto to Riches. We get positioned then ride the momentum and trade like masters – calm, balanced, and poised. None of that 30 trades per week at 0.5% profit target each bullshitake LOLLLLL 丹潑儭

If a crypto GuRu or ExPerT tells you their course or strategy ~WiNs~ even with a 0.5% or 1% movement …. or that “TeChNiCaL aNaLySiS dOeSn’T wOrK iN cRyPtO”:
run潑儭… delete潑儭… block… and RUN FURTHER 潑儭
And don’t give them $2k USD