UNPOPULAR OPINION: Why EVERYONE should claim CERB stimulus checks

EVEN IF you don’t need it, EVEN IF you’re not eligible yet the system allows you to claim anyway; I’ll tell yous whyyy
❎If you’re in rough financial shape and NEEDED this money…
❎If you live paycheck to paycheck and rely on CERB, THIS IS YOUR WAKE UP CALL
❎The gov’t was NEVER helping you, they are helping THEM look good
❎What happens next recession when they realize stimulus didn’t work this time and they don’t do it again? UR FUKT
❎Stimulus checks are usually a tactic deployed in re-election year – GUESS WHAT 2020 IS 🤯
❎You need to have your own back moving forward – LEARN
❎$1 today is worth more than $1 tomorrow 💸
❎$12k you claim today is worth more than $12k when you pay it back SO TAKE IT
❎Use it and grow it, invest it, trade it
❎RICH PEOPLE don’t keep their money in DOLLARS 🙅🏼
❎We’re all getting r4p3d with taxation and inflation WHETHER OR NOT you take the stimulus.. so take it .. .DO YOU GET IT NOW???

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