If you are using your stimulus checks to pay off your mortgage, credit card, or car payments, then THE STIMULUS PLAN HAS FAILED. It was never meant to help you.
❎Why did they give it to us then?
❎What is a stimulus check?
❎What is its purpose?
❎What is GDP and why do we try to stimulate it?
❎How does government make money?
❎Money VS dollars
❎MONEY IS ONLY A SIGNAL OF VALUE and a medium of exchange!
❎Why do we use money?
❎What does the government actually do with our money?

I talk about these points and more!!! Ya’ll bout to learn a hell of a lot that they never taught you in school 😆 My only goal of course is to blow your mind and enrich your life with nuggets of information.

Leave me some love notes if you learned some wild shit today!!! Part 2 coming soon…. more talk about the long term knock on effects of a shit show that is stimulus.

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