PS-FUK’N-A. 👉SWIPE👉 The economic impacts of COVID-19 will kill more people than the virus will. The viral component may or may not affect you, but the economic one will almost certainly affect all of us in some way.

Loss of jobs, defaulting on loans, bankruptcy, no job market, lack of savings, no emergency fund, no safety cushion or cash flow, foreclosures, hospital and medical bills, not being able to provide food for yourself or your family, not able to have running water or electricity if shit goes down (or if you can’t afford to pay any longer), social insurance and social security running out, inflation to hyperinflation, taxation comnig on everything that exists, social isolation, mental health issues, depression, anxiety, suicide….

Those are just some of the long ass list of things that the economic impacts of covaids can have on anyone. LET THAT SINK IN. The survivability rate of this flu is 99.9993% lmao. Survivabilitty rate of the ECONOMIC side of the worldwide shutdown and quarantine? Hmm… I hope some research data bank centre is taking care of that as we speak…

The solutions I have for you are to SKILL UP and to LEVEL UP. Reinvent yourself, your business, your income, your home. Pivot. Adapt. Evolve. You choose to merely survive or thrive after all this? Time in a few months will tell.. there will be HUGE winners. Global Wealth Transfer into my pocket … yes please thank you very much! Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, WOAH.

Otherwise you can get really good at robbing, burgularizing, rioting, shooting, stealing.. that will probably work for some time before you die from the economic impacts anyway.