TAKE NOTES: The difference between MY SCHOOL and others’ is THIS 👇🏼

It’s not always and only about profit profit profit, “$$$ PROFIT THIS”, “% PROFIT THAT”. Yah yah yah, profits are cool and are the reason we get into trading in the first place, BUT that’s not the stuff that impresses me 🙅🏼‍♀️ …

With me, we aim to learn as much as we can to advance and evolve into the best traders we can be 🙏🏼

I feel damn grateful and blessed that the universe connected me with such a determined, motivated, and inspired bunch of souls. Ones that aren’t in my corner to get rich quick, ones who understand it’s a PROCESS, ones that are always open and looking to learn more 😍

I see self-interested mentors and coaches out there [whatever-you-wanna-fking-call-em] leaving their students and followers hanging high and dry and just making them hustle. This is shitty. You’re shitty. You’re gonna get exposed and you’re gonna have a BAD TIME 💩

I’ve been in this arena for a long time. I’ve seen it all. I know who has mastery within and who won’t be one in 10 lifetimes. Bragging about wins? Moaning about losses? The only thing you can talk about is that you doubled, tripled, or took your money from $2k to $220k in 3 months (yea ok), BUT can’t talk about a single thing you’ve learned? That ain’t masterful. You won’t last beyond 2 years with that attitude.

If your only goal is money, you won’t last. Trading is tough as sh*t. It will reveal to you sides of yourself you aren’t ready to face or deal with. If all you want is money, you’ll quit as soon as times get tough, AND THEY WILL. TRUST ME ON THAT. But if you’re committed to some deeper level growth… I invite you to join the journey ✌🏼