When you are ✅empowered, ✅ independent, ✅ self-sufficient, ✅ resourceful, and ✅ have freedom from a boss, a job, your spouse, your parents, or the government, you’re able to traverse through life much more fluidly.

Worker bees who have not much savings or assets and live paycheck to paycheck tend to be (not always) very easily swayed and controlled by external parties. Majority can’t think for themselves because they are too busy focused on survival. They also may be unwilling to think anything that goes against the prescribed narrative because they are brainwashed to think their oppressor is helping them…And out of those who CAN and DO think for themselves, they may be unwilling to voice their opinions loudly because fear that what little is given to them might be taken away.

And finally, MISERY LOVES COMPANY. Those who were never independent or “thriving” to begin with want everyone to live through the same experiences they do. “Oh, you have something I don’t and you enjoy a better experience than me? HOW DARE YOU! You need to break your arm and give me a piece!!! I need to have your enjoyable experience too and I want everything you have!” The happy and independent don’t think this way. We just want everyone else to be happy, independent, and free too – whatever that may look like or mean to you.

When you no longer rely on an employer or the government or the economy, you think differently and you can actually DO differently too. You can stand up and say “NO MORE!” 🙅‍♀️