Lord give me strength for I do not have the patience 🙏😭

Listen, if you can’t be arsed to READ or be resourceful and intuitive – by this I literally mean CLICKING A LINK IN MY BIO – and taking a look around, educating yourself, learning about me, arming yourself with the right info to make your decision, etc…. then I can’t be arsed to answer such basic questions that you clearly put 0 effort in to seeking the answers to yourself. I don’t take it personal, I just smh at the lack of self sufficiency 🙈 Your lack of go-getter and getting-shit-done attitude is a sign that trading definitely won’t be the thing for you 🤐

I’m not an insurance saleswoman, if you don’t have the wits to read my bio, look at my content, read my captions, – or god forbid – go through my course info & sales page that’s full of info, yet feel the urge to DM me “do you teach people how to trade”… getting into trading is not gonna work out for you 🙅🏼‍♀️

I guess you can go and keep losing money by signing up for signal services or trading bots or high frequency algos that “give you all the answers” and tell you exactly what to do like a child wearing floaties while eating tomato soup since you can’t be arsed to empower yourself with big 🍆 awareness. /rant 😅