Comin’ at you with basic supply and demand…. do you remember economics class? When there is higher supply than demand, price goes down, BUT when there is higher demand than supply, price goes up. There are 14.5x MORE PayPal users than there are Bitcoins in circulation. Thats 1,450% more demand (paypal users) than there is supply (bitcoins). Idk, you tell me what you think? 😝

No, not every single PayPal user will need 1 Bitcoin to transact nor will they want to use it, I get it. But what this is implying is that Bitcoin’s price will increase because there will be more real world use cases for it. The more its adopted, the more its demanded. The more its used in mainstream, the more popular it becomes and the more people that want their hands on some. I’m saying this now and I will probably be saying this for a little while until people realize what a gold mine we are looking at right now.

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