PayPal CEO Dan Schulman went on national television to talk about why PayPal got into the crypto space and what he thinks about the future of Bitcoin and crypto.

As you’ve all probably heard by now, you can buy, sell and hold cryptocurrencies inside your PayPal / Venmo accounts. Soon you will be able to pay with these cryptos (amazing option after the coins you bought on PP have appreciated in price!) when shopping at retailers that accept PayPal. It will be COMPLETELY SEAMLESS for them to receive fiat, and easy for you as you know exactly how much you owe in crypto.

This majorly reduces the volatility in crypto prices that makes it hard for retailers and shops to adopt accepting Bitcoin & other cryptos as a payment tender.

I put together my favourite bits of the interview along with some captions for your viewing enjoyment ♥ Any questions about what was discussed? Ask awayyyy 🙏🏼