When did “work” become such a dirty word? Kim K was bang on when she said no one wants to work anymore, what was all the uproar and rustled jimmies about? 🤣

People lost sight of the power in going out there and becoming deserving of what you earn. These days people want to win money, they want to get rich fast, they want overnight success, instant results, instant wealth, 2- day prime delivery 😆

People have forgotten that putting in work can make you very proud of yourself. It’s very rewarding and in the end you know you deserved everything you’ve earned or got. Without putting in honest work towards your goals, you just have a fantasty.

Even the person who wants to win the lottery has to get up off their bum and actually buy a lottery ticket!

Learn to fall in love with putting in the work again. Pssst… putting in the work is also how you avoid imposter syndrome! Crazy right??? I know I’m talking to tons of you out there who suffer with imposter syndrome. Put in the work – “it’s that simple” 😜