Mega @yourcryptobabe interviewed me on her Crypto Talk IGLIVE

I thought some of you guys that missed it would like a chance to watch it and hear what my thoughts are on crypto, how I got started, what I do at Crypto to Riches Trading Education, tips I have for beginner investors & traders, and what I think about the future of crypto.

Enjoy! I have timestamps listed below of the questions answered and topics we covered. Let me know if you like these kinds of videos and if you want me to do more! If so, what do you want me to talk about next?

1:45 – About me and how I started the Crypto to Riches business and program
3:38 – You’ve been a trader for a long time, when did you start trading crypto?
4:52 – What are you most excited about in the crypto space?
6:25 – As an experienced trader, what tips do you have for our followers and how beginners can stay safe in the crypto space?
6:45 – Learn how to trade and invest yourself
6:48 – Scammers in the DMs
7:20 – Guaranteed weekly payouts, monthly payouts, or ROI % returns
7:57 – Trading Signals
8:47 – Trading Bots
9:54 – What resources do you recommend for those that want to learn how to trade?
10:41 – The Bitcoin Elite
11:39 – What are your thoughts on Bitcoin hitting ATH and when do you think it will dump?
13:00 – Do you Dollar Cost Average your Bitcoins and how often do you do it?
14:08 – How do you know if the market is going to crash?
15:50 – Which altcoin do you love and why?
16:30 – Do you use other Blockchains that are less popular?
18:08 – Putting your savings in a bank account
18:50 – As someone who is trying to hedge their investments from inflationary pressures, do you think crypto can provide better returns than gold?