SAVE THIS POST to refer back to when you’re feeling bored in a slow market or anxious about not being in any active trades!

Slow conditions are a normal and inherent part of being a trader. This is a career, not a one-and-done retirement plan! No thanks to fake gurus, click bait YouTube videos, overinflated profits and overhyped strategies, most traders STILL can’t shake off the misconception that TRADING IS ALWAYS SUPPOSED TO BE THIS WAY: moons, rockets, 8 screens, 64 charts, 100x gains daily, garage full of supercars and bikini babes on yachts 😂 It’s a fantasy! It’s a lie!

If you’re truly trying to achieve freedom and make this your career, you can’t expect the market to be supercharged 24/7. There will be volatile times and there will be slow times – and you must learn to love them both.

Chances are you came into trading to achieve freedom. Don’t trade your freedom away to be glued to the screen. Remember, there’s a whole world out there! A world with friends, family, epic landscapes, beautiful nature, and tons of action and adventure. Investors don’t just invest wisely, they also use their time wisely 😉

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