Overconfidence and risk don’t mix well. Don’t try to fight the market because the market will always win. If the market has to humble you, it’s not going to be pretty. 🥴

I’ve seen it hundreds of times in my years in the markets… the only thing we learn from history is we learn nothing from history 🤦‍♀️😅 This cycle we’ve got idiots participating in a subreddit of “investing pros” for a grand total of one week, following 💩 advice to buy their FIRST STOCK EVER, seeing said stock multiply 2-3x in a pump & dump and then thinking it’s a result of them being Trading Gods 😂

It took just 1 week for all of that hype to go to absolute sh*t. Millions made at the institutional level, a few more millions made in the hands of a few lucky investors, and the rest? Holding onto heavy bags for dear life 😂 You don’t have diamond hands, YOU’RE IN A CULT. Most traders hold on to losses too long… they don’t know when to cut because they are damn greedy. Most people suffer from the Fear of Leaving Money on the Table. They hold on a little longer thinking “THIS IS IT, THIS IS THE ONE that’s gonna make me MOON rich!” Holding on for “the next leg higher” that never comes 🤣

Did you really think Big Money was going to hand you money this easily? Come onnnnn. There is no pump left and you are entitled to nothing. The markets DGAF about who you are or your story. It’s time to accept that losses are a part of trading. Cut and move on. Valuable lessons learnt. Next time, don’t chase hype or pump & dumps and don’t risk more than you can afford to lose.