INFLATION-PROOFING yourself like how the rich and wealthy do 👀

Did you know that INFLATION affects the lower and middle class MUCH DIFFERENTLY (and much worse) than it does the upper class? 🙄

Check out this mini lesson where I explain how it HELPS one while DESTROYING the other 😲

I don’t see this being talked about nearly enough… tbh I haven’t heard ANYONE talk about this, lol, it’s just something I’ve know within and have in my knowledge vault… but this needs to be more widely known and discussed! This is why investing and not being obsessed with CASH is SOOO IMPORTANT! 🙅‍♀️

Investing isn’t a joke – it could very well save your life, if not drastically change the trajectory of your wealth & finances, which will therefore improve your enjoyment and quality of life. Inflation isn’t a joke either… there is a reason why the wealth gap and class divide keeps growing and growing… but hey, the solution is actually SIMPLE. I present it to you in this mini lesson 🧠

Watch it and let me know what you think about my thoughts 😉

Do what the poor and middle class do and you’ll get poor and middle class results. INFLATION-PROOF YOURSELF LIKE THE RICH AND WEALTHY DO AND YOU WILL BENEFIT DURING PERIODS OF INFLATION AND RECESSION 💪