Some exciting stuff I shared on my stories about 2 weeks back! With this new Visa card, instead of cash back, rewards, miles, or points, you get BTC BACK on your purchases! 1.5% worth of BTC back on all your purchases! This is an amazing reward because your rewards can go up in value as time passes (if the price of BTC increases). That is a GAME CHANGER.

This is a BlockFi & Visa partnership. Now, BlockFi is not some random company. Inside my program, Crypto Trading Mastery, BlockFi is one of the top crypto lending and borrowing companies I recommend to my students.

Watch the video to learn more about BlockFi, why I back them, and how to get in queue for your Bitcoin Rewards Visa Card 🤩

Crypto gurus, experts, and *ahem* other trading coaches have been found to only share/ recommend / shill platforms to their students and viewers IFFF they get a nice commission referral from doing it. That ain’t kosher – that ain’t my vibe. 🙅🏼‍♀️ I’ll recommend something when I see it is safe and has awesome benefits. Commission and referrals are secondary for me. Most of the time, I only tell my viewers and students to use my referral code IF it gets THEM something too (like $25 back at Newton for buying crypto in Canda, $10 back at Coinbase for buying crypto in USA, UK, EUR, and $10 back at BlockFi for setting up a savings account!)

Who is excited about this? Who is already queued up to get theirs? 🙋🏼‍♀️🙌🏼