SAVE THIS POST if you want to improve your decision making, planning, and execution skills in 2 minutes or less!

If you struggle with analysis paralysis, dilly dallying, or self-doubt, watch this mini lesson for THE BEST actionable step you can start THIS WEEK to improve all areas of your life.

I started strengthening my decision making skills years ago with this exact technique. Now I trust my decisions fully. Everything ALWAYS works out for me. 🙏

Knowing how to make and commit to your decisions makes you a better trader, partner, parent, friend, leader, it helps you to build your self-confidence and trust your gut, instincts, and intuition.

Do this and you will be an expert at the follow-through 🎯 You’ll become a person that makes serious moves in life 💪

Personal example: we’ve been living in our new home in Portugal for 3 months now! And while to someone who doesn’t know us well, it may seem like we made an “overnight” decision, it couldn’t be further from the truth! Our permanent relocation took A LOT of work and planning. But even before that, came the DECISION to move. And after that, came the swift EXECUTION of that plan. You can trust me as I am extremely fastidious and plan meticulously! My life is planned and organized in Google worksheets, Airtables, and sticky notes 😅 This has NOTHING to do with rushing into things recklessly, this is showing you that you CAN plan with careful thought and detail but also execute perfectly with speed as well.

Who’s going to take on this task challenge this week?

Quick decision making leads to:
✅ Knowing yourself better
✅ Having more confidence

Then you become:
✅ Better at making decisions
✅ Better at making the right decisions

Now… who WOULDN’T want that? 🤔