WOW COOL LOOK MA, I’M FAMOUS! Okay so this is a really late post because this article was published on May 4, LOL! Haven’t had the time to really sit down to talk about this and share this officially with all of you here. But here it is! I’m now real and permanent on the interwebs 😂😂😂

You know that saying “you overestimate what you can do in 1 year, but underestimate what you can do in 3”? Well this is accurate AF because I had the idea for this course back on September 28 (wait for it….) 2017!!! YES!!!! 2017! I have the Thinkific course creator email in my inbox still, dated 09/28/17 and that’s when I started compiling all my knowledge, all my mistakes, failures, what didn’t work, what DID work, things I messed up on, secrets I hacked, what to avoid, all the things I was learning not only about trading crypto but ABOUT CRYPTO ITSELF…. and 3 years later on September 5, 2020 I finally had it alllll out with organization, structure, and flow!

Thank you to all my friends who listened to me daydream and “not walk my talk” for 3 whole years LMFAOOO. I know you all believed in me deep down – probably more than I believed in myself 😭

We are now GLOBAL!!! How’s that for MR. WORLDWIDE (Pitbull 😂) ok enough blabbering. Watch the video and listen to me give footnotes while going through the article 😍

If you’re on a browser, here’s the link to read!