Decisions we made months ago are why we are where we are today. So decisions you make today will determine where you are in 6 months.🏃‍♀️

💭What’s stopping you from starting your investing journey now?

👩‍🏫You went to school for 17 years or so (if you pursued post-secondary), whats another 2-3 months of learning something that can ACTUALLY make a difference and skill you up in life? The markets will never go away. The need for money will never go away. The quest to “success” and “riches” will never go away. Having to pay for things in order to live life will never go away. All you need is focus, determination, and 2-3 months to learn a new high income skill.

You weren’t scared going to school for over 15 years and not knowing if you’d be promised a job when you graduated, so why are you scared to invest in yourself and devote a mere 3 months to a lifetime of living on your own terms?

Think long term. You don’t wanna be THAT PERSON that has to explain to your kids why you weren’t involved in crypto. This is a disruption that will kick off the largest global wealth transfer in history. Trillions of dollars are expected to be transferred to younger investors over the course of the next 5-10 years.💰

So the question really isn’t whether you can afford to join us….
The real question is whether you can afford NOT to join us ❓

Either way… I’ll be over here stacking sats along with my fellow cryptonians 🤗 Come learn, I’d love to teach you how 🥰