When I shared on my stories that Canada and Iran are just 2 of the many countries worldwide currently developing their own Central Bank Digital Currencies, I got some DMs asking me:

🙋‍♀️”What does this mean for those of us that own crypto? Is this associated or separate?”
🙋‍♂️”If banks and countries are creating their own coins, how would that drive up the value on unregulated coins like btc and eth?”
🙋‍♀️”What will happen to the value of cryptos if everyone uses CBDC’s?”
🙋‍♂️”How will this affect the adoption of typical cryptocurrencies? Is this bad for us?”

I answer these questions in this video with more depth and clarity than I did in my DM’s (LOL SORRY!) 🤣

Remember, there is only one way out of debt for central banks: DEBASE your currency and INFLATE your way out 📉
There is no avoidance of this for us, UNLESS we look to bitcoin and gold for answers.
BTC and gold offer us a way out of this problem where money is constantly printed out of thin air (more now than ever because of the pandemic). It offers us a hedge against inflation or hyperinflation (look at Turkey and Lebanon!).

If you look at cash vs gold, even before crypto, gold always held its value or appreciated in value. The same thing will be true with CBDcs vs Bitcoin aka digital gold.

CBDCs can still be printed out of thin air with just a push of a button. Whereas BTC for example has a hard cap on supply. This is why non CBDCs will always be more valuable and there will always be a demand for it in the world. Crypto ain’t going anywhere…. except up from here 😏