NOT YOUR KEYS, NOT YOUR CRYPTO!!! If not being used for active trading, then your long term hodls and investments should be withdrawn offline to a cold wallet.

I tell all my students to get themselves a Ledger Nano! Trezor is another reputable and popular, safe choice that you can go with.

Mobile wallets are great for quick and easy buys, sells, swaps, and sends, however, they are always connected to the internet which leaves you open to security vulnerabilities. And if your phone gets lost or stolen, that’s just a panic and a half!

Paper wallets are pretty secure, however are such a PAIN & HASSLE when you want to send or use the crypto kept in that address. They are not very reliable either, since, you know, IT’S PAPER, LOL. I could think of so many ways to destroy paper 😂

If you want to learn all the best security, safety, and risk management practices in crypto, then you’ll love what’s inside my flagship program, Crypto Trading Mastery. Trader’s privacy, security, and safety are one of my top priorities… it’s right up there with becoming a consistently profitable trader that can print money on demand… just like The Fed 😜